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Resolved Cases

In this section we report the answers developed by the Firm in relation to some questions or requests for opinion received in recent years.

You can buy the content of one or more answers by clicking on the title or the corresponding icon.

The cost varies according to the complexity of the case and is shown in the window that opens after the click.

In some cases, access to the content is free.

Legal Disclaimer

We remind you that the advice formulated with the documents in question refers to a specific case examined at the time and is the result of years of studies and specializations.

Therefore, the achievement of the same economic results is not guaranteed if applied in relation to other cases, even similar ones.

The sole purpose of the documents in this section is to provide elements of study and they do not in any way replace adequate professional advice.

The responses are the result of in-depth analyzes carried out at the update date reported in the text and therefore take into account the regulatory and practice context in force at that date.

The author declines all responsibility for any inaccuracies in the data reported, damages, economic losses, direct or indirect damages deriving from the use or disclosure of the information contained in these documents.


Copyright protection

All rights relating to the documents contained in this section are reserved by law.

No part of these documents may be reproduced by any means without the written authorization of the Author.

It is expressly forbidden to transmit such documents to others, neither in paper nor electronic format, neither for money nor for free.

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