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DGM Studio - Tax & Law Firm

The professionals

Legal area

Lawyer Dario Di Gennaro


Lawyer Simone Maria Di Gennaro


Lawyer Gianluca Ranzani


Denisa Tigovan

Federica Berton

Roberta Bertazzoni

Labor area

Dr. Emiliano Delalio

Of Counsel - Legal & Compliance Area

The Founders

Filippo di Gennaro.jpeg

Filippo Maria Di Gennaro

Founding Partner

Chartered Accountant who has gained long-time experience in planning and administration of real-estate assets.  He has held the position of Sole Director of several property management companies for several years.

                                                                                                               He has also been delegated to make real-estate sales in the field of enforcement procedures on behalf of the Court of Milan.


Moreover, he has matured significant experience in the field of tax litigation and assistance to Startups and Innovative Startups, particularly dealing with drafting business plans, looking for investors, seeking funding and notices of subsidized finance and creation of business network.

Ilaria Moretti.jpeg

Ilaria Moretti

Founding Partner

Chartered Accountant with long-time experience matured in leading professional firms of Milan.

Her past consultancy activity includes, mainly, tax advice and planning (in the field of both direct and indirect taxes) for Italian and foreign companies and corporate groups mostly operating internationally, including Italian subsidiaries and multinational companies permanently established in Italy. It also includes Company Law regarding capital companies and their problems of corporate governance, execution of business valuation also related to extraordinary corporate transactions, assistance in acquisition and execution transactions of due diligence activities.

Her past activity concerned companies operating mainly in the industrial, commercial, biomedical, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, food, real-estate, and innovative start-up sectors.

She has specific skills in international taxation.

Since 2012 she has been member of the Board of Auditors in joint-stock-companies also company issuing financial instruments listed on regulated markets.

She has also held positions of Sole Trustee Director. 

She is a member of the Supervisory Body under 231 Law of a leading company in the cosmetics sector

Of Counsel

Foto Andrea.jpeg

Andrea Maglione

Graduated from Law School, Andrea has gained many years of experience in the Legal & Compliance Department of Large Companies, providing his own outsourcing consultancy on Corporate Compliance over the last four years.

He has also been carrying out for some years the activities of D.P.O (Data Protection Officer) in various companies, as well as 
built on the needs of the Customer - in the following subjects:


  • Privacy GDPR;

  • Cyber ​​Security;

  • ISO-UNI certifications;

  • Safety Legislative Decree 81/08;

  • MOG 231/01.

He has gained significant experience in Legal & Compliance Consultancy also versus SMEs and Professional Firms as well as Innovative Startups and Startups, dealing in particular with the preparation of all the Privacy GDPR and Safety documentation.

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